Back in the faint and dusty past, ladies didn’t hold employment outside the home. I realize that is difficult to accept, however it is valid. One salary was adequate for a family to live on. Youngsters were watched over by their moms at home, while the father worked and earned the living to support the family unit. My, how things are different now!

Running a household was full time work in those days. The present day comforts that we all underestimate didn’t exist. Clothes washers weren’t programmed, garments were dried on clothes lines, and the main canned goods that were accessible were those that the mother had canned and put away herself. Life wasn’t simple, and social events were few and far between. That is the reason ladies took part in out-dated coffee klatches.

Coffee klatches were regularly planned occasions. A gathering of ladies would accumulate at the home of one and appreciate coffee, desserts, and discussion for a brief time of time.  They enjoyed the social contact they had at these gatherings.

Today, we have our advanced adaptations of the antiquated coffee klatch. Today, be that as it may, men and women partake in them and, obviously, they aren’t called “coffee klatches” now. Still, drinking a cup of joe is a social affair. It is one that is honed everywhere throughout the world in some structure. Individuals accumulate for social or business reasons, and you can be almost sure that coffee will be the refreshment that is served. There may be different drinks, however coffee is quite often included.

Coffee Klatch

Maybe the association between social contact and coffee drinking stems from the obsolete coffee klatch. Our grandmas and our great grandmas were on to something important – drinking coffee is social!


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