K-Cup and Pod Brewers

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the single-cup pod machines and the K-Cup brewers are the fastest-growing category of coffee makers.  Single cup coffee makers make it easy for the person on the go to get their quick cup of brew before they walk out the door.  These days, the average person is too busy to wait for an entire pot of coffee to brew.  Having to get ready for work and get the kids ready for school doesn’t leave much time to grind fresh beans and brew fresh java.  This is where the single serve coffee maker comes in.


These machines offer us a lot more than just coffee.  It offers us convenience.  There are no beans to grind, no filters to put in and no grounds to clean up afterwards.  All you have to do is stick the prepackaged pod or K-cup into the machine, push the button, and before you know it, you have a hot cup of brew.

Pod and K-cup systems deliver a great cup of brew or tea over and over again and there are hundreds of different kinds of pods and K-cups to choose from.  There are pods that make coffee, tea, chai, espresso, lattes, cappuccino, and hot chocolate.  There are K-cups that make coffee, tea, chai, lemonade and hot chocolate.  Therefore, you should take into consideration the type of beverages you prefer when buying your new machine.

Single cup coffee makers may be more convenient, but keep in mind that it costs more to make a cup of brew from a pod than it does from regular ground coffee.  Pods and K-cups can range in cost from less than 30 cents to almost a $1 each.  Of course, this price depends on the quantity and the type that you buy.  Most of the time, if you buy them in bulk the cost will be less, but still probably more expensive than buying a can of Folgers. For some, it may be worth paying a little extra for the convenience you get from the single serve machine.

There are a variety of single serve machines on the market.  Some of the more popular brands include Keurig, Nespresso, and Tassimo.  You will also find machines that use both K-cups and pods.

Things To Look For When Buying A Single Serve Coffee Maker

If you like to drink beverages other than straight up coffee, make sure the machine you are looking at will fix the kind of beverages you like.  A lot of the single serve machines will only brew coffee, so if you want more than just coffee, you need to look for a unit that will brew a variety of drinks.  The Keurig will brew coffee along with teas, hot chocolate, chai and iced beverages.  If lattes and cappuccinos are your drink of choice, the Senseo may be just the machine for you; but if espresso is what you want, than a Nespresso might be the better choice.

Make sure you find out what coffees, teas, hot chocolates, etc. the different brewers use and keep in mind that different varieties are being made every day.

The height of your cup is also important.  You might want a coffee maker that allows enough height for you to make a tall cup of joe instead of the regular mug height.  Some units have drip trays that you can remove so that the height is extended.

Some single brewers only brew one cup size, but some models have several options to brew different sizes.  This can come in handy, depending on the size of cup you like to drink.  If there is more than one person that is going to be using the appliance, it might be nice to be able to have the option of brewing different sizes of beverages.  Just a little hint…you can adjust the strength of your brew by selecting a different cup option.  

A removable reservoir that you can fill at the sink would also be a nice feature to have.  That way you don’t have to fill a cup or a pitcher with water and pour it into the reservoir.  Depending on how many people will be using the unit, the size of the reservoir might be something to consider.  The larger the tank, the less you have to fill it.

The size of the appliance might be important, depending on the size of your kitchen.  If you have limited counter space, you might consider one that doesn’t have a large footprint.  If you are going to place it under your upper cabinets, make sure it isn’t too tall.  To get the most use out of your single brewer, it should be kept on your counter top and for convenience purposes, within easy access to water for filling the reservoir.

Accessories For Your Single Serve Coffee Maker

Some brewers have a reusable filter that can be used to brew your beverage more economically.  My K-Cup is a reusable filter made by Keurig for use with their home brewing systems.  Using this type of reusable filter is less expensive than buying K-cups.  There are other reusable filters on the market including the Fill N Save *ELITE SERIES* Stainless Steel Reusable K Cup, the Solofill Cup, and the Cafe Cup Reusable Single Serve Coffee Pod.  You can find more types of reusable filters here.

Water filter replacements and descaling solutions might be other accessories that you will want to have on hand.  The carousels and racks for the K-cups and the pods are also a nice accessory to have.  We personally like the K-cup storage drawer that sets underneath our Keurig.

Last but not least, you will want to have a variety of coffees and teas for your new appliance.  You can find an assortment here.

Buying Your Single Serve Coffee Maker

No matter what you are buying, you should be a smart shopper.  Be sure to compare prices at the different stores to see who has the best deal.  Check Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and any other stores that carry the product you are considering buying.  You should also read the customer reviews so you can see what others are saying about the product you are thinking about purchasing.