The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker is a small machine with a lot of innovative, advanced features and its little size makes it perfect for any space in your kitchen.  This nifty little espresso maker has a thermoblock that reaches its brewing temperature in 25 seconds, so not only does it make a delicious cup of espresso, it does it quickly.  If fast is what you are looking for, then look no further!  The Nespresso Pixie is one of the fastest coffee makers on the market.

Almost all of its functions are automated or programmable, making it a smart model.  After nine minutes, it turns itself off and it also has an alarm that lets the user know when the water reservoir needs to be refilled.  A handy little feature is the LED indicator that makes the water level visible.

This unit is durable and solidly constructed with an aluminum casing and a steel handle.  It has a 19 bar pressure pump that will make a single or double shot of espresso at a time.  All you have to do is insert an aluminum capsule of your choice and the machine will make the perfect amount of beverage for you.  It’s convenient and easy to operate with very little to no mess at all.

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1. Features
2. Serving Size
3. Dimensions
4. Available Colors
5. Customer Reviews
6. Pros & Cons



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  • Buttons that are programmable for espresso and lungo
  • Drip tray folds for larger cups
  • Is read to brew in 25-30 seconds
  • Auto power-off
  • Convenient power cord storage
  • Backlight indicators
  • Water level detection
  • Small footprint so machine fits well in kitchens without a lot of counter space
  • Steel handle and aluminum side panels
  • Used capsule container
  • 19 bar pressure pump

Serving Size

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This unit is a single serve machine.


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4.33 X 12.83 X 9.25 inches
Weight: 6.6 pounds


Available Colors

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The Nespresso is available in four different colors:

  • Steel with black accents
  • Electric aluminum with black accents
  • Titanium with black accents
  • Carmine with black accents

Customer Reviews

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Consumers seem to like this machine’s small size and the fact that it is easy to use.  It’s the perfect espresso machine for young adults or for those that don’t have much experience making an espresso.  Owners say that it makes coffee that is fresh and hot every time you brew a cup and that it makes an excellent crema.  They all seem to agree that its size is a plus because it can be tucked away into any corner or cabinet.  Its speed is also a feature that everyone seems to comment about.  It makes a cup of coffee quickly and therefore, is great for people on the go.  It is much faster than a percolator coffee maker or a drip coffee maker and more convenient too.  You don’t have to measure coffee grinds, just pick out a pod of your choice, pop it in, and make your coffee!

Pros & Cons

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ProsPros: The Nespresso has a small footprint so it fits well in kitchens with little counter space.  It heats up quickly and therefore, you can make a fast cup of hot coffee with an excellent crema.  It is easy to use and has a convenient handle that also serves to enclose and puncture the capsule.  It’s light enough to easily carry to another room by the handle.  A large cup can be put under the spout because the cup support folds up.  It’s easy to clean up and it has a clever design!  You can find a third-party unofficial app on Google Play that gives you information about each capsule flavor.  The app costs around $2 and can be very helpful in determining the strength of the coffee in the capsule. 

Cons:  Even though most of the reviews for the Nespresso Pixie are positive, you will occasionally find a review that will be negative.  Most of the complaints are concerning the pre-filled pods of coffee that have to be used with the unit. Even though the pods are convenient, they are more expensive than using your own coffee grounds and some would say they are wasteful.  It is important to point out that Nespresso’s foil pods are less damaging to the environment than the plastic capsules used by other brands of coffee machines.  Consumers also complain about being restricted to using only capsules that are offered by Nespresso.  The capsules used in the Pixie are not a standard size and there aren’t a lot of options to choose from.  In fact, Nespresso doesn’t offer any non-coffee options like tea or hot chocolate. 


Features Overview:

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker Features


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