This elegant stainless steel percolator makes hot flavorful brew fast.  If you are looking for that deep robust aroma from a fresh pot of brew, then this just might be the machine for you.  This percolator has a detachable cord for easy storage and easy tabletop serving.  It also has a gentle keep warm heater that keeps the coffee hot which means that you will have a great tasting flavorful cup of brew each time!  It also has a clear twist off lid that lets you watch while it is brewing.  The lid also locks into place which is a nice feature.  Another feature you will love is the no-drip spout for easy pouring.  If you are looking for a percolator to get back to that aroma that you remember from your grandmother’s house, this one is the perfect choice.

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1. Features
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3. Dimensions
4. Available Colors
5. Customer Reviews
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  • Makes a fast cup of hot flavorful brew
  • Has a gentle keep warm heater that keeps brew hot
  • Has a detachable cord for easy storage and convenient tabletop serving
  • Has a viewing window for coffee/water-level
  • Handle is cool to the touch
  • Has a twist-off lid that locks into place and that you can see through
  • Easy pouring thanks to the no-drip spout
  • Permanent filter basket made out of stainless steel
  • Has a ready-to-serve light that tells when beverage is ready
  • Limited warranty

Serving Size

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This percolator makes up to 12 cups of brew.


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10.2 X 6 X 11.4 inches
Weight:  2.9 pounds

Available Colors

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This coffee maker comes in a brushed stainless steel with a black handle.

Customer Reviews

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Most of the customers that have bought this unit seem to be satisfied with it.  68% of the Amazon reviews gave it a 5 star review.  Customers said that the brushed stainless exterior is easy to clean and they are very happy with the no drip spout.  Another plus is that it doesn’t take long to make a pot of brew, in fact they say it makes it faster than a lot of the automatic drip machines.  Another feature that was mentioned was that the basket has measure marks to show you how many grinds you should put into the basket depending on the number of cups you are making. 

One complaint had to do with the length of the power cord.  The customer stated that it was rather short, about 18 inches long. If you choose to buy this percolator, make sure you have room for it right next to an electrical outlet.

All in all, most of the customers that bought this percolator were happy with it and would recommend buying it.


Pros & Cons

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ProsPros:  The Hamilton Beach 40614 Coffee Percolator is durable and has several good features.  It is made out of stainless steel and makes a great cup of hot joe.  It doesn’t require filters because it has a permanent stainless steel filter basket, even though there are some customers that still use a filter with the machine.  The handle is cool to the touch so it won’t burn you when you are pouring a cup of brew.  Consumers really seem to like the no drip spout.  All in all, this is a simple percolator that makes good hot brew and is easy to clean and easy to use.



ConsCons:  We didn’t run across many complaints except for the power cord being too short.  This problem is solved if you have a place for your percolator that is right next to an electric outlet.  Another complaint that we saw a few times was that the basket has too large of openings and allows a considerable amount of grounds to circulate even though there were other consumers that said when they made their coffee, no grounds got through the basket.  We have come to the conclusion that those consumers that were having problems with the grounds might not be using the right kind of grounds.  It seems that coarser grounds work better in percolators.


Features Overview:

Hamilton Beach 40614 Percolator Features


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