You are probably on this website because you love your morning cup of joe.  A delicious cup of brew is a great way to start the morning or to use as a pick-me-up in the afternoon.  Even though a lot of people only drink coffee in the morning, there are those that will also have a cup during dinner or even after dinner.

You might be one that is satisfied with the everyday brand or you might be one that loves gourmet coffee.  Gourmet coffee comes from a good bean and there are two main types of coffee beans:  Arabica and Robusta.  Robusta are more common than Arabica because Arabica beans are harder to grow and they don’t grow in as many places as the Robusta beans.

Java Beans
Arabica beans are more expensive and they come in many varieties, including Typica, Bourbon, and Blue Mountain.  They have a complex flavor that is sweet and soft tasting with some twinges of sugar, fruit, and berries.  They have a higher amount of acidity that gives them a winey taste.  People say that if the beans haven’t been roasted they smell like blueberries.  When they have been roasted, they smell perfumey with some fruit and sugar smells.

Robusta beans have twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans and are used quite often as a filler in coffees that are a lesser-quality.  They have a stronger and harsher taste and some say they taste kind of like oatmeal.  If these beans are unroasted, the smell is kind of a raw, peanutty smell.  They are considered to be inferior to Arabica but there are some Robustas that have a high quality and are used in espressos because of their deep flavor and excellent crema.

Arabica beans are longer and narrower than Robusta beans.  The Robusta plant is easier to grow and therefore, makes more java at a lower cost than the Arabica plant.  You can find Robusta in instant coffees and the common supermarket coffee brands.  It is very seldom that you find it in gourmet blends except for espressos.  You will find Arabica in gourmet coffee blends.

There are at least 124 species of coffee plants around the world, with Robusta and Arabica being the two primary plants.

When buying beans, you should always look for packages that have a one-way valve.  They keep the beans fresher for a longer period of time.

Contrary to popular opinion, roast doesn’t mean how strong the java is.  It actually tells us how long the beans have been roasted.  If you want a roast that is close to the true flavor of coffee beans, then you should pick a light roast.  The sugars have been caramelized in a medium roast and therefore, is sweeter.  A smoky, charred taste is what you get with a dark roast. 

If the roast date isn’t stamped on the bag, you shouldn’t buy it.  Roast date is not the same thing as the sell-by date.  When beans are more than a month old, the aromatics will have seeped out and they will have lost their flavor and taste stale.

If you have the choice of buying Robusta beans or Arabica beans, you should always buy Arabica.  They are what we call a gourmet coffee bean.  The ability to grind beans right before you brew your beverage, gives it a better and fresher taste.  If you have a bean-to-cup brewer, it makes it even easier to brew your own cup of joe.  You can achieve the perfect strength of brew with your bean-to-cup machine and your ground coffee beans.

Gourmet coffee beans can be found in several places.  You can find them in coffee shops, gourmet food shops, supermarkets and grocery stores, natural foods stores and online to name a few.




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