Are you looking for that perfect gift?  Well, how about a coffee basket?  Most everyone likes coffee and a coffee basket would be perfect!  I am amazed at the variety of gift baskets there are available today for coffee lovers.  One of my friends that loves coffee had a birthday coming up and I had decided to send her a gift basket made up of coffee and coffee items.  The two of us had shared many cups of coffee over the years and it seemed like the ideal gift for my good friend!

I thought I had come up with the perfect birthday gift.  Not only that, it seemed like an easy gift to put together.  I would just go online and find a nice coffee gift basket and have it sent to her.  Problem solved!  But that was before I had looked online and saw how many different choices there were for coffee baskets!  Talk about a mind-boggling array of coffee gift baskets!

There were all kinds of options.  I could choose from gift baskets that were already made up and consisted of a variety of gourmet coffees.  I could also choose a gift basket that I could decide which coffees would be included.  Or I could give my friend a membership in one of the many “coffee-of-the-month” clubs that would send her a different gourmet coffee each month of the year.

There were also coffee baskets with coffee that had already been ground, or there were baskets that had a variety of coffee beans and a coffee grinder in it so she could grind her own coffee.  Can you believe that there were also coffee baskets that included an espresso coffee maker with espresso coffee cups and coffee?  There were even K-Cup Coffee Gift Baskets!  I couldn’t decide what to choose!  So much for the idea that choosing a coffee gift basket would be an easy thing to do!  Ordering the coffee basket would be easy, but choosing what to order was going to be a little more difficult.

After much looking, I finally decided on a coffee gift basket that had a variety of gourmet coffees in single serving packages so that she could try several different coffees from around the world!  I think she will like that gift!

So what gift basket do you think you would have chosen for your good friend?



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