If you travel a lot and love your morning cup of brew, one of these coffee makers for the road just might be what you are looking for!  Or if you work in an office and they have terrible coffee, one of these just might be the answer for a better cup of joe that you can make right in your cubicle!  Take a look at these and see if any of them will work for you!

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

This little unit is an unique coffee and/or espresso maker that uses total immersion and gentle pressure to make a cup of joe that makes great java and is easy to clean.  You can make a great cup of brew with this model or you can make an espresso-style shot that can be used to make lattes or cappuccinos.  With this model, you are using a lower temperature to make your coffee and brewing time shorter.  Because of this, the acid level is much lower than it is with conventional brewers.

This model is easy to use.  All you have to do is place a filter on the bottom of the Aeropress and the put the Aeropress on top of your favorite mug.  Measure a scoop of grinds and then put them into the brewing chamber and pour hot water into the chamber.  Stir the coffee and water with the included stirrer and then wait 20 seconds before you place the plunger on top of the brewing chamber.  Push down on the plunger gently and when the plunger reaches the bottom, pop out the grinds.

Grower’s Cup Coffee Brewer


This brewer has a filter inside of a pouch and almost an ounce of a freshly ground specialty coffee has been included.  This brewer has been described as a single-brew French press.  You can make 3 cups of great tasting brew by opening the pouch, pouring 18 ounces of boiling water into the pouch and letting it stand for 5 to 8 minutes. 

This would be a great way to get a delicious cup of joe if you are out in the wilderness roughing it!  It’s super easy and doesn’t make a mess.  Just throw the pouch away when you are finished with it!

Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker

This is a great little unit if you’re traveling in your car and you don’t want to stop to buy coffee.  You just plug it into your 12v cigarette lighter, pour the water into the reservoir and pop in the pod.  This little machine uses ESE pods and has a water reservoir capacity of 1.79 fluid ounces.  It’s easy to use and doesn’t make a mess.  The pod comes out pretty dry and compact so you can just pull it out and throw it away.  For the next cup of espresso, just fill it with water and pop in another pod. 

It’s small and compact and can fit in your glove box.  You can use it on road trips, camping trips, or if you are just sitting in your car watching your kids practice, pop in a pod, fill it with water and you have a great tasting beverage.  It’s as easy as that! 

If you drink coffee at work and don’t like the coffee from their machines, take your Handpresso with you.  It makes a great tasting cup of brew and can be the solution to all of your on-the-go espresso dilemmas! 

Koziol Unplugged Coffee Maker

Koziol Unplugged Java Maker

This little machine is made in Germany and is 100% environmentally aware.  You can get it in 4 different colors: white, mustard green, plum, and red.  You don’t have to plug it in and therefore it doesn’t require electricity.  It’s easy to use, cleans up easily and makes an affordable cup of brew.  It’s compact and doesn’t take up a lot of counter space.  Would be great to use in a motel room, on a camping trip or even in your own home.  It’s made of recycled materials that are free of BPA and melamine.

Toddy T2N Cold Brew System

Toddy T2N Cold Brew SystemThis machine brews coffee with 67% less acid than java made with hot brew methods.  This system uses regular coffee beans to create a super smooth hot cup of joe and you can also make hot or cold tea with this system.  To read more about grinding your own beans, go here

Electricity is not used with this system.  The set includes the brewing container with a handle, a glass decanter with a lid, 2 filters that are reusable, 1 rubber stopper, instructions and a recipe guide. 

Due to the low acidity of the cold-brewed coffee, there is a wealth of other flavors that are revealed.  We suggest that you use good beans as they can almost have a chocolate flavor.  You might even find that you won’t have to use cream and sugar anymore with this cold brew system.





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