MochaIs coffee a good thing for your body or is it a bad thing?  I guess it really depends on what “” you choose to believe.  I think I’ll believe those studies that say coffee is good for your body because I like my cup of coffee too much to give it up!  Better yet, I LOVE my coffee my cup of coffee too much to give it up!

Supposedly, coffee isn’t good for us because of the caffeine it contains.  As we all know, there is caffeine in a lot of other things that we ingest other than coffee.   For example; tea has caffeine, as well as sodas and chocolate.  I also love chocolate and I’m for sure not giving that up either!  So if you are giving up coffee, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are giving up caffeine and caffeine is actually the only active ingredient in coffee.  If you drink your coffee black, there are no calories and no carbohydrates in it.  So to be realistic, a cup of black coffee is probably much better for you than a Coke.

Why so much talk about caffeine?  Well, first of all it is a stimulant.  Most likely, if you have a cup of coffee right before you go to bed, you will probably have a hard time falling asleep.  That would be true for most people.   And when you have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, it wakes you up and gets you going.  And when you have that afternoon cup of coffee, well…let’s just say that it gives you a quick pick me up!

Many of us have been told that coffee is addictive, and maybe that is true.  When a person stops drinking their usual amount of daily caffeine, they usually suffer from withdrawal symptoms.  The most common symptom of caffeine withdrawal is headaches.  A person’s sweet disposition can also be affected and grouchiness seems to be common.

Positive and negative effects from caffeine in coffee have been seen in the human body.  Some positive effects would be that it relieves boredom, decreases depression, increases alertness, increases physical stamina, and it increases performance on boring or repetitive tasks.  Some negative effects of caffeine on the human body are that it increases nervousness, affects sleep, and increases jaw tension.

With the positive and negative effects in mind, I can tell you that I will still be drinking my cup or cups of coffee every day!  I’m still not convinced that a cup of joe is all that bad for me!  What do you think?

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