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Do You Have A S’well Bottle Yet?

S'well Stainless Steel Water BottleSo…I’m a high school teacher and all (well, not all) of my students are sporting those S’well bottles!  I had no idea what they were, and really wasn’t interested in what they were.

Then my daughter started asking for one for her birthday.  Her birthday is in May so I really didn’t think much of it.  I figured when her birthday started getting closer, I would look into them.

And then, my daughter-in-law came over one evening and the next day I got a text at work asking me if she had left her S’well bottle at the house.  It got me to thinking, what is so great about these bottles?

My next encounter with S’well bottles was when I did a project with my Geometry classes and asked them to bring boxes, cylinders and spheres to class so that we could figure the volume.  One of my students brought a cylinder that was a container for a S’well bottle.  It was a pretty cool container!

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Coffee Filters for the Best Coffee

One of the privileged insights of making better than average coffee is the filter that you use in your coffee maker. There are many paper filters out there and they are the ones that are regularly utilized. They are sufficient, but probably not the best choice if you want a really good cup of joe. You unquestionably should never make coffee in an automatic drip coffee machine or in a percolator without utilizing a filter. On the off chance that you do, there will be some coffee grounds floating around in your pot of coffee.

ground it out

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Home Coffee Roasters

Do you prefer to roast your own coffee beans at home instead of buying coffee that is already ground and ready to put into a coffee maker?  If so, you probably swear that home-roasted coffee beans make a much better cup of joe than any pre-roasted or pre-ground coffee bean ever dreamed of.

Coffee beans can be roasted in different ways.  For example, a regular stove or even a popcorn popper can be used to roast coffee beans.  But if you are serious about roasting your own beans at home, you should probably go out and purchase a coffee roasting machine.  Using one will let you have far better control of the temperature and other conditions.

Coffee bean roasters range in price from about $150 to around $1600.  If your budget only allows for an inexpensive roaster, you will find that you will only be able to roast one cup of beans at a time which would probably be enough make one 10-cup pot of coffee.  If you are looking at a mid-priced roaster, you will be able to roast about 2.5 cups of beans and if money doesn’t matter; then one of the more expensive roasting machines that I found would roast about 20 cups of green coffee beans at a time.

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Five Affordable Coffee Tools

When you are making your own coffee at home, there are some tools that you might want to consider purchasing.  I’m sure that if you are like most of us, you will want to wake up to that perfect cup of brew!  Since you’re brewing your coffee at home, everything is within your control so you can have that great cup of joe. 

To get that perfect cup of brew, I suggest you start by roasting your coffee.  It’s probably a good idea to try different coffee roasts to see which one you like best.  It’s also a good idea to try different kinds of coffee beans.  The kind of coffee beans you roast as well as the amount of time you roast them is up to you.  You will need to experiment to discover what’s best for you!

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Bicycle Cup Holder for Your Coffee

Check Out This Cool Cup Holder for Your Bicycle!

Are you an avid bike rider that likes to take along a cup of coffee for those beautiful morning rides?  We have found the perfect cup holder for your bike that will make drinking a cup of joe on your morning bike ride seem like a breeze!  The Swedish cycling accessory company, Bookman, has invented a new cup holder for your bike that hasn’t been on the market for long. 

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Types of Coffee Bean Grinders

Grinding your own beans right before you brew your morning cup of coffee is the best way to ensure a great tasting cup of brew.  Coffee bean grinders can be inexpensive as well as expensive, it just depends on the unit you pick out.  There are some coffee makers or espresso machines that even come with them built in.  These types of machines are called bean-to-cup machines
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