Check Out This Cool Cup Holder for Your Bicycle!

Are you an avid bike rider that likes to take along a cup of coffee for those beautiful morning rides?  We have found the perfect cup holder for your bike that will make drinking a cup of joe on your morning bike ride seem like a breeze!  The Swedish cycling accessory company, Bookman, has invented a new cup holder for your bike that hasn’t been on the market for long. 

This nifty little item has a clever spring steel construction that easily attaches to the handlebars of any bike.  It attaches like a clamp and can be removed easily and quickly if need be.  The company claims that it will never lose grip even when you are traveling over those nasty bumps and potholes, but you might want to make sure your lid is on tight so your coffee doesn’t fly out of the cup!  The cup holder accommodates a small or medium sized cup of java and it’s easy to adjust for the size of cup you have.  The two rings are different sizes so all you have to do is flip the holder to the small size ring or the medium size ring, depending on the size of your coffee cup. 

Watch this video to see how it works!



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