When you are making your own coffee at home, there are some tools that you might want to consider purchasing.  I’m sure that if you are like most of us, you will want to wake up to that perfect cup of brew!  Since you’re brewing your coffee at home, everything is within your control so you can have that great cup of joe. 

To get that perfect cup of brew, I suggest you start by roasting your coffee.  It’s probably a good idea to try different coffee roasts to see which one you like best.  It’s also a good idea to try different kinds of coffee beans.  The kind of coffee beans you roast as well as the amount of time you roast them is up to you.  You will need to experiment to discover what’s best for you!

1.  FreshRoast SR500 Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster

One tool I think you will really like and find useful is the FreshRoast SR500 Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster.  This roaster can roast beans for about 20 cups of coffee in less than 10 minutes.  It has three temperature settings for perfect roast control and has a variable convection fan control that ensures gentle, efficient circulation.  This roaster is easy to use and it roasts any kind of coffee, including espresso.  It is an affordable way to get a roasted cup of java that tastes great!

2.  Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

I think a grinder is a must if you want perfect tasting brew.  This grinder has been a consistent favorite of coffee enthusiasts everywhere.  Its grinding consistency is the best and you won’t break the bank when you buy it!  It has 16 grind settings and commercial-grade conical burrs that give you an even grind for better tasting coffee.  It’s easy to use, easy to clean, not too noisy and has a built-in timer that can be set to grind from 5 to 60 seconds.  If you’re looking for a grinder, look no further!

3.  The Pur Water Filter

A water filter is also important for great tasting brew.  The water purity and the water temperature are important factors when brewing a cup of java.  The Pur Water Filter is very affordable and easy to install.  It has an easy one-click installation and turns on and off with the flip of a switch.  It provides up to 100 gallons, which is a 2 to 3 month supply, of healthy clean water and healthy clean water is a must for great tasting coffee.

Pur Water Filter

4.  Kuissential SlickFroth

If you enjoy barista quality frothed milk and want to make it yourself, this Kuissential SlickFroth will help you transform your milk or cream into a rich, delicious fluffy foam.  This little gadget is perfect for homemade cappuccinos and lattes.  It’s easy to use and easy to clean.  All you have to do is run it in hot soapy water and rinse it off when you’re finished with it.  This little tool is perfect for making specialty coffees, hot chocolates and milkshakes fun and delicious!


5.  Bonavita Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is certified by the SCAA because it brews coffee at a consistent 195-205 degree temperature.  It also has a shower head that ensures complete saturation of the coffee grounds and optimal extraction.  For those that are concerned with the water coming in contact with plastic, this unit has no plastic and is BPA-FREE.  It brews 8 cups in just 5 to 6 minutes and the stainless steel thermal carafe keeps your coffee warm for a long period of time.  You can read more about this coffee maker by visiting our Bonavita Coffee Maker Review.

Bonavita BV1800TH Coffee Maker


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